Reasons why your SEO is not working


Reasons why your SEO is not working

Are you investing quality time and efforts in search engine optimization, but it is not yielding the expected results? Don't fret; you need to consult an SEO advisor. Many clients come to our SEO Company with such concerns; they are not only given strategic solutions but are also told about why their SEO is not working. If poor search engine optimization results are making you sleepless, check out the following reasons and work on them.

Guessing keywords
The keywords you select have great impact on the success and failure of your campaign, so take your time when choosing them. Guessing keywords or targeting competitive keywords only can affect your campaign severely from start to end. Explore the keywords customers are using to find your site and target them through amazing strategies.

Using poor strategies
One of the important things that can make or break your SEO is strategies. The better the strategy the higher you will rank on search engines. If you actually want people to see your site, you have to make sure your strategy is built according to webmaster's guidelines. Poor or unethical SEO strategies may result as drop in search results or lengthy ban from Google.

Problems with website
No matter how clever your SEO Strategy is or how well you have worked, you cannot attain desired results, if your website is unable to convert. If you are sure that you have chosen the best keywords and strategy but your SEO doesn't show any improvement, the problem may lie in your website. Let your site examined by website expert. Make sure it offers great user experience, easy navigation, keyword-rich and juicy content and flawless experience.

Doing everything yourself
SEO is tempting but that doesn't mean you should get into it besides doing other tasks. SEO is complex at the same time and needs full time attention to stay on top. Assign this responsibility to an SEO expert who can spend quality time on improving your SEO and social marketing efforts.