Tips to create Landing Pages that convert


Tips to create Landing Pages that convert

Landing pages are an important source of lead generation, but not every landing page generates leads. Why? Because many of them are unable to persuade customers take action. If you don't want your landing page to meet the same fate, consider the following tips when designing it.

Add critical elements
Landing pages are meant to convert visitors in to customers. No matter how beautiful they are, if they are not performing this task, they are useless. If you want to create effective landing pages, don't forget to add all the critical elements including a powerful headline, clear and convincing description of offer, attractive image and social sharing icons.

Remove distracting elements
Once the visitor has reached the landing page, it's your responsibility to keep him stick. Remove the main navigation and links from the page that divert visitor's attention from call to action.

Less is more
You don't want to confuse the visitor you simply want to sell your products. A landing page cluttered with text or images usually distract or confuse the visitor. Eliminate all the unnecessary and unwanted features from the landing page and make it look neat, clean, interesting and to the point.

Highlight the offer value
Why should a visitor buy your product or services? Give compelling reasons to answer this question. A successful landing page offers more than just a list of features. It emphasizes the offer value and gives logical reasons to persuade visitors to take action.

Don't ask for unnecessary information
People are reluctant to share personal information with organizations, so ask for the information you need to qualify leads. Be very careful while making the form. Longer form takes a lot of time so they are often avoided by user. The fewer the fields you have, the better will be the conversion rates.

Try these basic tips and let our web design company Dubai know how they work out.