Explore Android 4.3 jelly Bean and Get Amused


Explore Android 4.3 jelly Bean and Get Amused

The new Google Android 4.3 sweeter Jelly Bean, may not be found as very much appealing and attractive to grab at first instance by some users who are supposed to be more heavy users of Nexus version or Galaxy types, but, it embeds many frequent unique, amazing features and aps under it that are sufficient enough to make the user spell bound. Let's take a close look at some of them:

Managing Constrained profiles
If you have one of the most cute and naughty kid who all the time wants to grab out your smartphone, and you are concerned about your personal data to be lost , here the smart Android has come up with its solution by encouraging restricted profile management that aims to provide extra , spacious room with its personal local home screen and technical sets granting all the control in the hands of the tablet holder, who can create profiles with different available apps additionally , the feature is excellent for retailer devices as well.

A new facet for developers
The exclusive feature of API (application programming interface) for GATT services residing in the new Android 4.3 helps the users in generating Android apps that tends to be more supportive for these devices, resulting in a very lucrative market for Android developers.

Enjoy with notifications
It's always been with enjoying for some users to get notification popping out at the top of their screen and they are much eager to continually check them over allowing the users to easily get data access. It provides the developers with the opportunity to get registered with a notification listener service that will make all the notification data displayed and using those can introduce many interesting apps for new smart phones.

Experience Improved Digital Rights Management (DRM)
DRM has increasingly been a torture for some users and they hate on working upon it but Google has turned out to explore a positive implication of DRM by improving it in a unique fashion enabling the designers to quickly make best out of it through assimilating it with their programming additionally Google has worked upon the improvement of prior DRM methodology and incremented media DRM aspect APIs that sustains encryption practices.

So, can you still resist the spectacular apps? Hope so, can't just enjoy the colorful features of this device.