Five amazing tips for mobile marketing


Five amazing tips for mobile marketing

There's no denying that mobile internet usage is a trend that's here to stay. If you are a search engine marketer, you must be thinking about how to reach customers when they are using internet from handheld devices. Don't fret; we are here with some easy tips that will help you in your marketing journey.

Set up a mobile site
To target mobile users, you first have to set up a mobile website. Small screens offer a limited area for advertising which is difficult to control by PC user. Hordes of software (both free and paid) are available over the internet to make this task easy for you. You can either transform your desktop site in to mobile or choose a responsive site that fits in all screen sizes.

Voice Ads
Voice Advertisement is an innovative way of communicating with customers. But before you jump on the bandwagon, perform a little test whether it will work for you or not. There are many voice apps available on apps store that enable marketers speak to their prospects. These voice based ads are not only interesting and attention grabbing; it let customers respond as well.

Mobile Coupons
Every customer loves coupons and discount, so mobile phone users are no exception in this regard. Send them coupons, special offers and discount eCards. With NFC technology, smartphones have become a digital wallet for customers. The coupons you sent have barcodes, these barcodes deduct the money from customers eWallet account on scanning.

Location based marketing
Many applications are available for location based marketing, these apps help marketers target the right customer at right time. These applications use GPS data to identify when a customer is near your store. Marketers can also utilize their potential to offer discounts and cut your competitor's customers.

Get social
People use their handheld devices to stay connected with their friends on social networks, so mobile marketing is incomplete without being social. Social media enables marketers to engage customers, promote their products, made the access to their site easier.