How to Design Landing Pages for great user experience


How to Design Landing Pages for great user experience

Much have been done and said about landing pages but there is a lot more that you can learn. Web designers and developers have introduced tons of ideas for building outstanding landing pages, would it be enough to choose any one of them and relax? No, you have to do a little more! Here are some of the ideas you can use for making your landing page convert and sell more.

Use Big Headlines
Headlines help people decide whether to read that piece or not. They catch attention easily, so if you are working on landing pages, focus on your headlines. Select thought-provoking, intelligent and captivating headlines and use big font to publish them. Don't underestimate the importance of copy, it is equally important. Let your content stir excitement among users and make them curious about what you are offering.

Provide Details
A landing page is meant to provide detailed information. Just imagine how would a user feel if he visits your page and find no useful information. Make the most out of your landing page and provide all the essential information on it. Add videos about your products and how it works.

Add screenshots and Previews
Screenshots and previews explain the best what your products actually offer, especially if you are selling software like apps. These screenshots clarify different misconceptions about design, interface and help in forming opinions.

Use eye-catching elements for Conversion
Every landing page is built for some type of conversion, be it for purchase, new registration, or email sign up. Analyze that specific section that prompts conversion and adorn it with appealing objects or elements. Don't use illustration or animation that distracts the customer from goal.

Highlight Important Content
Every landing page contains informative content but if you want to draw the attention of readers to specific details highlight it using bigger fonts.

Try these ideas and let us know about your thoughts.