How to Find and clean up unnecessary content?


How to Find and clean up unnecessary content?

You think your site contains everything useful? If so, correct yourself. There is a clutter of unnecessary pages on your site that have never seen the light of the day. Many pages of content need special attention; they remain invisible to search engines and users unless you promote it. How to find these pages you ask? Analyze, audit and review the pages that are not indexed in search engine. Screaming Frog will make this task easier for you.

Screaming Frog is a small program that helps in detecting SEO issues. It enables you to view analyze and filter crawler's data which is collected and updated continuously. The tool is extremely useful for larger sites where manual checking is not only time consuming but labor intensive also. Once you have used the tool, you will see many unnecessary content pages. We have compiled these pages in a brief list. Take a look.

Paginated Result page
Paginated result pages are discrete pages that are often identified as /1/, /2/, /3/ and so on. These pages are unnecessary for your site as they contain a duplicate search term and canonical tag in the page source. They are aimed to promote the ranking of the original page.

Case Duplication
refers to URLs that are created in both uppercase and lowercase letters. These URLs are considered as duCase Duplication plicate content and should be redirected to lower case version only.

www or non-www
Many webmasters remove www from their URL to produce alternative address, so that users who don't type www will also find the website. This is a bad practice, because search engine see both www and non www versions as two different websites. It gets confused with the duplicate content and can penalize them in search rankings. Keep your site safe from penalty and use either www or non-www version of your site.

Shopping Cart Dynamic Pages
Your ecommerce platform may comprise of multiple pages that are similar to the same products. These dynamic pages are unnecessary as they are used for product sorting or comparing. Get rid of them immediately.

Once all the unnecessary pages are piled up, trash them and let your site breathe with clean, refreshing and useful content.