How to increase page load speed?


Reasons why your SEO is not working

Page loading speed determines user experience, it is extremely important for bounce rate, reader satisfaction, search engine rankings, conversions and impression of your brand on potential customers. If a customer has to wait for a page to load, he will leave the site without making purchase. Do you want this to happen to you? If no, here are tips that will help you increase the page load speed.

Get on a fast server
No matter how hard you work to increase your page speed, if your website server is slow, all efforts will go in vain. It's extremely important that your site has increased server bandwidth to handle peak traffic well-- if it doesn't happen your visitors will face slowdowns, crashes and inaccessibility. Discuss your requirement with web hosting company and shift on a better and faster server.

Use Clean Code
There are many ways of coding, most of them appear same to the average user but differ greatly in performance. A clean and tidy code improves the performance and speed of your website by reducing the age file size and loading speed.

Optimize the images
The easiest and most common method of increasing your page speed is by reducing and optimizing your image files. Websites laden with excessive images become heavy and take time in loading. So use images when necessary and select the appropriate type and size for them. This will optimize your image in least MB.

Use Page Speed Optimizer
Google has got special tool for webmasters that helps them in increasing the page speed. PageSpeed Insights tool contains lots of suggestions so you can optimize your page speed a little more.

These were just some of the tips for increasing page loading speed, how do you improve your loading speed?