How to make order confirmation page produce more results?


How to make order confirmation page produce more results?

People spent a lot of time in researching about your company, products and filling lots of fields before making a purchase. They came to your order confirmation page with lots of hope. Once they have spent their hard earned bucks and converted into customers, don't let them go just by saying thank you. Order confirmation page brings lots of opportunities; you can use it to increase customer satisfaction and engagement. How? Here are some tips for it.

Be courteous
As mentioned earlier, customers take out their precious time to review your site, products and choose you, so don't forget to show gratitude and appreciation for this. This seems like an obvious task, but many companies don't perform it rightly. Be courteous; display a nice gratification and appreciation message after the order is confirmed. It is also advisable to add videos and other interesting stuff related to product that customers can enjoy while their request is being processed.

Many online stores display other relevant deals when a customer is shopping for specific products. This may scare the customer and he can leave without making any purchase. The will to sell more is obvious, but you should use the confirmation page for displaying related deals.

Don't distract the customer by prompting him to newsletter when he is doing something important on your site. Move the newsletter sign up section to confirmation page. This change will give you more area to promote your newsletter and persuade customers give proper attention to them.

Get customer feedback and ask about his shopping experience through open ended questions. Add qualitative questions in your box. Instead of asking how did you get to know about us, inquire about how you can improve. Open ended questions provide in-depth details and help a lot in analysis.

Social Media
Promote your brand and products by integrating social media to your confirmation page. Request customers to follow your brand on social networks and share their products with others.