Effective ways to increase your brand marketing on Social Media


Effective ways to increase your brand marketing on Social Media

In today’s digital world, social media is a powerful and most widely used tool. Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other applications are much more than updating pictures, status and sharing quotes.

For those who understand its worth, they make the most of it by marketing their brands on social forums. Internet does not only change the pace of communication but over the period of time it has been the most effective forum for creating good relations with your client.

When you setup your business, you now want it to be marketed online because nobody wants to walk away from the latest marketing techniques or lose their customers coming from social media. But if you don’t follow the tips mentioned below, you are in real big trouble.

Your followers and clients will automatically recognize your brand if you use # tag associated with your product details regularly. It will help you expand your work and people will have the clear cut idea of your branding approach.

Public Conversations:
If you are an owner of a brand, be social. Join public forums and take a part in conversations. Dig into people’s interest, their thinking and buying criteria. Question them about their likes and dislikes, comfort and discomfort.

Cover Photos on Facebook:
Now a days Facebook cover photo is leading real estate. It’s something you can leave for your followers in order to guide them about the upcoming ideas and events. People would even share it as much as possible, perfect way to market your brand. Take example of how updated mobile phone companies are.

If you are working on multiple brands, the marketing approach might differ and you need separate strategy plans. For that, you need to evaluate each and every activity very closely.

The top ten brands on Facebook, posts on an average of 38 updates per couple of weeks. There was once a time where iTunes posted 64 updates in a week but did not receive much of a fan following than Samsung did despite of posting just 20 updates. So, it all depends upon your marketing approach. There are endless contributing factors like when you get questions from the audience and you don’t respond back, that’s a drawback. You need to answer all the queries in order to prevail successfully.

Followers request:
Customers rely a lot on social forums and websites, they expect you to answer their queries within no time regarding the brand. So, you need to keep an eye on incoming messages, requests and notifications on these forums. Don’t suffocate your customers by ignoring.

Try to answer within 60 minutes. Maintain the flow and balance on your page. Take customer’s feedback.

Instagram is an app where you can post your items pictures and write the description below. You follow your clients and they follow you back. Gain as much popularity as you can through it.

Brief Updates:
People are so not attracted towards lengthy posts these days, try to keep the description as precise as you can. Too long paragraphs might take away your customers. According to a poll conducted on Facebook, people said they prefer updates which are described within 50 words.

Negative Response:
If you are receiving a negative response, that is a bad sign. Try to minimize it. Fulfill the compliant and reply in a generous way. Gather the information about the customers. Do not delete the negative comment straight away.

Posting hours:
There are no hard and fast rules for posting or tweeting about your brand at particular timings but you need to keep an eye on this matter very closely. For example, a top class update that contained pictures of a brand was posted on Friday night at 8:35 p.m. (EST) and it received 450 interactions, another update with a link was posted on a Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. (EST) and received 280 dealings. After 8 hours another update was generated and it received only 150 interactions. So the timings and audience availability matters a lot.

Question your people:
Question your audience like: “What are expecting from us next?”, “Are you ready for the sale?” take polls and engage the customers on different posts. Large and well reputed brands have more time to focus on brand marketing strategies on social forums than small businesses. Try to invest on this medium smartly. You might be an individual, a company or a renowned brand all you need to do is to deliver your messages accurately and gain the trust of your customers.