Mistakes that can affect your blog negatively


Mistakes that can affect your blog negatively

Blogging is a fun and rewarding activity if done without mistakes. If we talk about business, blogs are important part of company's content marketing and social media strategy. Here in this post, we will be discussing some common blogging mistakes that cast negative impact on your business.

Annoying Ads
Readers hate distraction while reading especially in the form of ads. If you have placed too many popup ads on webpage, reader will leave your blog at once. Try to provide great user experience, check your blog properly and remove all the disturbing elements.

Too much grammar

Review your stats and analyze user activity. When was the last time user interacted with your post? Last week? If yes, there is a major problem in your posts--- may be non scanability. In this era of short attention span, users won't stay if they are unable to scan your content in a glance. Avoid heavy bulk of texts; use images and headings to improve readability.

Long posts
Don't expect a reader to read 3,000 word articles. No matter how interesting your post is, if it is too lengthy, visitors will avoid them. Visitors are always in a hurry, they want to get maximum information in minimum words. Try to keep your posts between 500 to 1000 words.

No contact page
Contact page is the most important and unfortunately most overlooked part of business blog. It provides readers a place to contact blogger. Don't forget to add contact page and make sure it can be found easily by visitors.

No About page
Your blog should have About Page that clearly indicates who you are and what you do. This shows your credibility and help in building fan following through business blog.