Tips to increase Facebook likes, comments and shares


Tips to increase Facebook likes, comments and shares

Facebook has changed the way people get information. For many businesses, the Facebook presence has become an integral part of web presence, so increasing Facebook likes, comments and shares is an important part of strategy. If you want to improve your interaction of the social network, here are some tips for it!

Create a Facebook page
Facebook business page is different from personal page. Set up your page and focus on getting likes. Don't use unethical tactics to increase your likes, invite your relatives, friends and friends of friends to your page. Request more and more people to like your page.

Think out of the box
Hordes of business pages are available on Facebook then why should a visitor like your page? Do you provide something extraordinary? If not this is the reason why your page is not getting the love of users. Think out the box, share interesting, informative and useful content on your pages. Encourage users' interaction on your page.

Use Emoticons
Facebook is a great platform to express your feelings. Use the cute emoticons while sharing your posts, they will increase user engagement.

Ask and you will receive
The best way to increase user engagement is to ask your fans for help and support. Request your fans to visit your site/ store and buy from you. If you guide them how to get engaged, they will most likely oblige it.

Social media bees pay no attention to long and boring posts. They want to get maximum information in minimum time. Keep your posts short and exciting. Post comments, share interesting pictures and humorous posts daily. Make sure your content is of high quality.

Time is the key to success. Never share your content in morning; it is relatively slower time on Facebook. 5pm and onwards are peak timings for traffic. People use Facebook more during weekends, so share your content during peak timings.